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SelectComplaint CategoryItem (Quoted Price Includes Material & Labour Charges)
Apartment Main AreaEntrance Door - Lock Set (RM30)
Apartment Main AreaEntrance Door - Broken (on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaLiving Hall Light - Fluorescent Tube 40W (RM25)
Apartment Main AreaDining Hall Light - Fluorescent Tube 40W (RM25)
Apartment Main AreaLiving Hall Ceiling Fan(RM140)
Apartment Main AreaDining Hall Ceiling Fan (RM140)
Apartment Main AreaWall Plug Socket (RM15)
Apartment Main AreaLiving Hall Wall Painting(RM250)
Apartment Main AreaFloor Tile (on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaSliding Door - cant close (RM100)
Apartment Main AreaWindow Handle(RM25)
Apartment Main AreaCeiling Leakage (on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaWall Leakage (on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaDrainage Clogged(on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaBalcony Cap (RM30)
Apartment Main AreaBalcony Wall Painting (RM100)
Apartment Main AreaWhole Apartment Wall Painting(RM800)
Apartment Main AreaMain Door Painting (RM120)
Apartment Main AreaWall Hole Patching(on site estimation)
Apartment Main AreaSliding Door - Broken glass (RM480)
BathroomsBathroom Door - Lock Set(RM30)
BathroomsBathroom Light(RM25)
BathroomsBathroom Cap(RM30)
BathroomsBib Tap(RM20)
BathroomsBasin (RM200)
BathroomsShower Head(RM25)
BathroomsShower Knob (RM55)
BathroomsFlushing Tank (RM80)
BathroomsWall Painting (RM200)
BathroomsFloor Tile (on site estimation)
BathroomsWindow Handle (on site estimation)
BathroomsCeiling Leakage(on site estimation)
BathroomsWall Leakage(on site estimation)
BathroomsDoor Painting (RM120)
BathroomsDrainage Clogged(on site estimation)
BathroomsWall Hole Patching (on site estimation)
BathroomsUninstall Water Heater(RM25)
BathroomsFlushing Handle (RM15)
BathroomsBathroom Door - Replace(RM250)
BathroomsBasin Leaks(RM40)
BathroomsBasin Tap Leaks (RM40)
BathroomsBasin Tap Spoil (RM35)
BedroomsRoom Door - Lock Set (RM30)
BedroomsRoom Door - Broken (on site estimation)
BedroomsCeiling Light (RM25)
BedroomsWall Fan(RM170)
BedroomsWall Power Socket(RM15)
BedroomsLocker Key (RM25)
BedroomsWall Painting (RM200)
BedroomsFloor Tile (on site estimation)
BedroomsWindow Handle (on site estimation)
BedroomsCeiling Leakage(on site estimation)
BedroomsWall Leakage (on site estimation)
BedroomsDoor Painting (RM120)
BedroomsWall Hole Patching (on site estimation)
BedroomsUninstall Aircond (RM150)
BedroomsService Air Cond(RM60)
BedroomsWall Leakage (on site estimation)
Common Lighting(on site estimation)
Drainage(on site estimation)
KitchenLight (RM25)
KitchenSwan Neck Tap (RM35)
KitchenSink (RM120)
KitchenYard Cap (RM30)
KitchenStop Cork(RM25)
KitchenKitchen Wall Painting (RM200)
KitchenKitchen Yard Wall Painting (RM150)
KitchenKitchen Wall Hole Patching (on site estimation)
KitchenKitchen Yard Wall Hole Patching (on site estimation)
KitchenDrainage Clogged (on site estimation)
KitchenSwan Neck Tap Leaks(RM35)
KitchenSink Leaks(RM40)
KitchenSink Clogged (on site estimation)
OthersOthers(on site estimation)
I/We AGREED to bear all the cost of material and workmanship should the cause of damages were identified as a result of my/our negligence or mishandling or rough use whether intentionally or unintentionally.

We will be responsible only to the manufacturer defect and will repair the damages Free Of Charge.

Upon FITS log in the maintenance team will respond to it soonest possible and will make appointment with you for site inspection (please provide your contact number and preferred time). Our onsite inspector team will access the cause of damages and quote the repair cost based on our standard price which will include material and workmanship.

You need to accept and agreed on the quotation from the site inspector and made payment to our Hostel Office before we take up the repair work. The quotation given is only valid for 7 days and thereafter the FITS will be consider CLOSED without any action taken.